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Horrible Histories®: Spies

Exhibition Design and Art Direction

Horrible Histories exhibition entrance

A major exhibition brings to life the world's best-selling children's history series.

This hand-on family exhibition explores the role of spies in the Second World War. The colourful room sets filled with over 300 bespoke graphics including lenticulars, interactives and floor artwork creates an immersive experience for all the family.

Horrible Histories exhibition

One of the biggest design challenges is recreating the larger-than-life room sets taken from the original Horrible Histories book. Martin Brown and his studio are given detailed illustration briefs and redraw these wonderful environments, which are applied as wallpapers.

Streets ahead of many other exhibitions I’ve seen aimed at children... It’s engaging, fun and informative.

Museum's Journal


Exhibition developed in association with Scholastic UK, author Terry Deary, illustrator Martin Brown, and IWM. Photos © IWM.

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